Ensuring Civic Engagement in Northeast Florida

The Citizen Engagement PACT of Jacksonville will ensure the values that foster a culture of civic engagement to improve the quality of life for all citizens will continue to be engrained in the Northeast Florida community.

The Citizen Engagement PACT is an organizational evolution of The Jacksonville Community Council Inc. (JCCI), which has been an integral part of the Jacksonville community for more than 40 years in bringing people together to learn about our community, engage in problem solving and act to drive positive change.

The mission of the PACT is to improve the quality of life in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida through the promotion of civic engagement values.

The vision of the PACT is for the community to become known as a place where citizens are involved as regular and strong participants in improving our quality of life.

Citizen Engagement PACT

The PACT will carry on the mission and values of JCCI to ensure citizens the opportunity to engage on key issues affecting their quality of life.

The PACT is an opportunity to work together to ensure that these values are consistently promoted to improve the quality of life in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida.

Shared Values of the PACT

These shared values will foster a continued culture of civic engagement:


Civic engagement is critical for a democracy to function and to build consensus on key issues for our community.


Conveners of citizens for the purpose of improving our quality of life must be neutral and nonpartisan to ensure every citizen has a voice.


Advocacy is critical to create change and people need access to training and education on how to become advocates.


Jacksonville is a diverse community and all processes to determine priorities for action will be fully inclusive.


Collaboration is the most efficient and effective way to achieve progress on systemic issues affecting our quality of life.


The tracking of key indicators measuring the quality of life is vital to help understand where progress is being made and what issues need additional help and resources.